12 Agustus, 2009

Colorful Memories

The last two months, there was a different color in my family. We have two "temporary" family members. Yeah... they lived temporarily in my home, but I sure that they will never leave our heart. They're special members of my family: Mao Xueren (we call her Morning) and Hu Chunrong (we call her Anvil Hu). They both are Chinese who participating in international students exchange. Morning is a student of Shanghai University while Anvil is a student of Nanjing University.

My son and my daughter were so excited when they heard from their ma that we will be a host family for two Chinese students. And, I could feel my child's hapiness when finally they're coming. Yap... we have a colorful family. Their coming has changed our live color. We are different skin color, different mother language, different value, different attitude, and we love each other. Yes, our family becomes colorful and we're happy with these new color.

Anvil and Morning, your coming has changed the color. Because of you, all of people living in my house have to speak in English. Even my wife who can not speak English at all. I've to use my bad English, my son and my daughter also. You help my children learn and improve their English. This is my first posting in English, and ... the reason is you. Thanks to you.

Your coming also help my wife and me us to educate my our children how to respect and love others. Whatever your belief, whatever your background ... we all respect you. No matter where you come from, no matter how difference between us ... we all love you. And, I wish wherever we are ... we still a family unified with love.

However, whenever the meeting happen ... the parting will be the next. So, let me modify part of Hoobastank song to express our feeling.

"The Reason" (from Hoobastank)

I'm We're not a perfect persons
There's many things I We wish I we didn't do
But I we continue learning
I We never meant to do those things to you
And so I we have to say before I you go
That I we just want you to know

I We've found out a reason for me us
To change who I we used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

Thanks God for this everything is happen.

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