30 Agustus, 2009

I love this game

Life is a game. Yes it is ... It is writen in part of verse 20th of Surah Al Hadid of Holy Quran.  The great thing is that the statement commented more than thousand years ago exactly actualized by today's games.

All games can be characterized by:

  • The goal. All games have clearly defined goal to be completed by the players. Similarly, life has its goal which is clearly stated in Holy Qur'an - to pray Allah.
  • The rule. Every game has predefined rules so it can be played by people who understand the rules. Life also needs rules so people can live together in harmony. The rules also needed for people to get their life's goals. Holy Qur'an an Al Hadith explain the ultimate rules of life so they can reach their ultimate goal: meet Allah.
  • The power.  You will not winning the game if you have no skill to play and no spirit to energize your muscle and mind or to speed up your movement.  Powerless will never be a winner. This is exactly we should have with our life. We've to be a skillful person to reach the ultimate goal of life - that's why the Prophet Muhammed p.b.u.h. taught us how to life and how to pray.  We need also to energize our life with iman and taqwa by which we will do everything enjoyable nevertheless the result.
  • The Competitor.  Whatever the games played, player(s) has(ve) competitor(s). Even a single player game has her/his competitor. The standard a player has to pass play as a competitor as it defines whether a player is a winner or a looser.  Life does the same thing. The desire may be the most difficult competitor to beat. It means that the most powerful competitor stays inside ourselves.
  • Stages. Modern games introduce double score stages. Amazingly, Islam has introduced this concept thousand years ago. Ramadhan fasting is a doubling reward stage within a moslem life.
 Life is a game. As any other games that will be ended after it was started, life will also be ended. Game will be over at the time you die. You may be a winner or a looser at that time. If you want to be a winner in your life game, you need to:
  • Understand your life's goal clearly, and keep stay on track during your life.
  • Refer to Qur'an and Hadith to understand the rule of life.
  • Beat and manage your desire in a good manner as demonstrated by Mohammed p.b.u.h.
  • Use every chance to get double reward effectively.

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